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mHealth security and privacy – a research agenda

Article Excerpt: Professors David Kotz (Dartmouth), Carl A. Gunter (University of Illinois), Santosh Kumar (University of Memphis), and Jonathan P. Weiner (Johns Hopkins), in their paper  (Privacy and Security in Mobile Health: A Research Agenda) challenge the research community to tackle several critical challenges related to security and privacy in mHealth: data sharing and consent management; access control and authentication; confidentiality and anonymity; mHealth smartphone apps; policies and compliance; accuracy and data provenance; and security technology.

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Article Source: THaW (Trustworthy Health and Wellness)


Should the NHS share patient data with Google’s DeepMind?

Article Excerpt: In giving Google access to the healthcare data of nearly 1.6 million patients, the NHS has used a loophole around “implied consent”. It did not require patient consent for direct care, and the great unknown is how much Google is going to extend the definition of implied consent to fit its purpose.

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Article Source: Wired


Medical Journal Editors Stump To Require Clinical Trial Data Sharing

Article Excerpt: In an editorial, the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors argues that researchers should be required to share de-identified data behind the results of clinical trials, MedCity Newsreports (Oran, MedCity News, 1/20).

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Article Source: iHealthBeat


HHS Expands Its Approach to Making Research Results Freely Available For the Public

Article Excerpt: Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) took a giant step forward in enabling the public to obtain results of government-funded research.  HHS released a comprehensive set of plans outlining how its agencies will expand access to the results of scientific research for the public.  These plans were developed in response to a White House Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) memorandum that directed federal research agencies to increase access to peer-reviewed scientific publications and digital data developed by researchers.

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Article Source: The HHS Idea Lab