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‘Simple but Effective’: Colombia Turns to Algorithms to Bolster Mental Health Services

Article Excerpt: At the age of 70, Carmen Suárez* is finally coming to terms with an event that happened five decades ago. It was a trauma that changed the course of her life and left her with depression. “I used to cry uncontrollably,” she says. “I was told to seek help, but I had neither the time nor the money. I realise now that I was stuck reliving the incident.” Over the course of a year, the Diada project (detection and integrated care for depression and alcohol use), an innovative project aimed at identifying people with or at risk of developing a mental health or alcohol use disorder, helped her recover.

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Article Source: The Guardian


COVID-19 Increased Anxiety, Depression for Already Stressed College Students

Article Excerpt: College students were more anxious and depressed during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 than they were during similar time frames in previous academic years, according to a Dartmouth study…The study, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, used a mix of smartphone sensing and digital questionnaires from more than 200 students participating in a research program that is tracking mental health throughout their undergraduate years.

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Article Source: Medical Xpress


Computer Science Research Crowdsources COVID-19 Stories

Article Excerpt: In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, Temiloluwa Prioleau, an assistant professor of computer science, recognized that data would be key to understanding the public health threat. In May, Prioleau launched an online research program to gather information from people in the U.S. who have contracted COVID-19. The research project —called “C19 Insider Scoop”— recruits individuals who tested positive and who self-identify as having recovered from the novel coronavirus.

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Article Source: Dartmouth News


Study Seeks Details on Those Who Recover

Article Excerpt: Dartmouth College computer science professor Temiloluwa Prioleau began teaching a course on data science for health on March 31, right in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Due to the topic and the timing, Prioleau sought to tie the course to the pandemic. In her search for relevant datasets, she noticed that most of the information available was from hospitals. But she couldn’t find datasets for people who hadn’t been hospitalized, which is true of the majority of those who contract the virus.

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Article Source: Valley News


Health-related internet use among opioid treatment patients

Masson CL, Chen IQ, Levine JA, Shopshire MS, Sorensen JL. (2019). Health-related internet use among opioid treatment patients. Addictive Behaviors Reports. 9. doi: 10.1016/j.abrep.2018.100157

Researchers evaluated mobile phone and internet use in 178 opioid dependent adults receiving methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) to better understand use of the internet to seek health information by this population. Read More