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OSU Students Create App to Report ‘Bad Batches’, Cut Down on Overdose Deaths

Article Excerpt: In the fall of 2020, a group led by Ohio State students launched an app designed to cut down on overdose deaths in central Ohio. The app alerts users to “bad batches” of drugs, laced with deadly substances such as fentanyl. The team is currently working on a revamped new version of the app they hope will make it even easier to report bad drugs and prevent overdoses.

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Article Source: WOSU Public Media


Drug Candidates to Combat the Opioid Epidemic Have Begun Entering Clinical Trials

Article Excerpt: President Trump has deemed the opioid crisis a national emergency, though few steps have been taken thus far to minimize the impact of addictive substances like oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and morphine. To begin tackling this enormous—and societally necessary—task, some pharmaceutical companies are developing potential solutions to treat or counteract opioid use disorder.

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A Look into the Opioid Epidemic in the Upper Valley

Article Excerpt: According to data from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Pharmacy in Lebanon distributed 5,146,260 opioid pills between 2006 to 2014, making it the pharmacy which dispensed the most opioids in Grafton County. While the number of pills is not irregular considering the size of the population the pharmacy serves, the data illustrates the opioid epidemic in the Upper Valley and New Hampshire, which is changing with a rise in fentanyl use despite the best efforts of local organizations to combat the problem.

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Article Source: The Dartmouth


Boston Is Using A Chemical Warfare Device To Help Fight Fentanyl

Article Excerpt: Meet the MX908. This mass spectrometer — initially marketed to the military and hazmat crews fighting bioterrorism or explosions — may help in the fight against one of Boston’s top killers: fentanyl. But can a machine designed to detect agents of chemical warfare help save lives in the opioid epidemic? That’s the question (Sarah) Mackin, director of harm reduction services, and her colleagues at the Boston Public Health Commission aim to answer.

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Article Source: WBUR


Lisa A. Marsch Develops Digital Interventions for the Treatment of Opioid Addiction

Article Excerpt: As a researcher and director of Dartmouth’s Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (CBTH) outside Hanover, New Hampshire, Lisa A. Marsch, PhD, explores how to use technology to connect evidence-based behavioral treatments with people whose lives may depend on their getting effective help. Marsch, a professor of psychiatry at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, works on the front lines of the opioid epidemic raging in this country. She has researched how to stop the deaths, fight the addiction and find alternative ways of treating pain. Now, as director of the Northeast Node of the National Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network, based at Dartmouth, and a member of the National Advisory Council to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, she is helping shape the national conversation on opioid use.

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Article Source: American Psychological Association


Military Scientists Harness AI To Fight Synthetic Opioids

Article Excerpt: A Defense Intelligence Agency team is using artificial intelligence to map the shadowy production-and-distribution networks of synthetic opioids that kill more than 47,000 Americans a year — and in the process showing how military and law enforcement will put AI to work.

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Article Source: Defense One


Technology for the Safety of First Responders

Article Excerpt: At its International Mail Facilities (IMFs), which receive mails arriving from more than 180 countries, (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) officers rely on solutions such as the Thermo Scientific TruNarc handheld analyzer, which uses Raman spectroscopy to identify suspicious substances. When fentanyl is identified, controlled deliveries can be executed without harming officers.

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Article Source: Officer


Opiant Eyes Q2 Launch for Pivotal Trial of Opioid Overdose Candidate Aimed at Fentanyl

Article Excerpt: Resuscitating patients who overdose on fentanyl would require more naloxone…Yet (naloxone) is harder for addicts to use in the roughly 70% of the U.S. that consists of rural areas, where access to EMS services may be delayed…Opiant could address those issues through OPNT003 (nalmefene nasal spray), which is five times stronger than (naloxone)…and intended to be more effective at reversing fentanyl overdoses.

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Article Source: Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News



The Death Curve

Article Excerpt: The city (of Manchester, NH) has set up a programme, known as Safe Station, whereby anyone struggling with drug addiction can walk into a fire station seeking help. About 200 people come every month. “People trust firemen,” says Daniel Goonan, the station’s chief. “We don’t ask for insurance or anything—there’s no stigma.” It is an innovative strategy for dealing with the American opioid epidemic in one of its centres.

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Article Source: The Economist