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Nurses Use FDNY Geospatial Mapping of Opioid Overdoses to Inform Clinical Practice in Real Time

Article Excerpt: Nurse practitioners and nursing students can use local, real-time maps of opioid overdoses to inform their clinical work with adolescents in community health settings, finds new research from NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing.

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Article Source: Science Daily


The Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic is Going Digital

Article Excerpt: The Village of Newtown’s Police Chief and other officials (in Ohio) met Thursday with representatives from the Department of Homeland Security in Columbus. They talked about plans to fight the opioid epidemic through a partnership where local officials collect data and pass it on to the national level. The data collected would center around fighting the epidemic, response and recovery efforts.

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Article Source: Fox19NOW


USDA Offers Data Tool to Address the Opioid Crisis

Article Excerpt: The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has launched an interactive data tool to help community leaders build grassroots strategies to address the opioid epidemic.

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Article Source: kokomo perspective


Intel Aims to Tackle the Opioid Epidemic with Blockchain Technology

Article Excerpt: Intel is working alongside health practitioners to use the blockchain to more closely track opiate-based medications from factory to patient, with the goal of spotting the leaks in the supply chain. These leaks are where opiates jump the rails from prescribed use to drug dealers and abusers.

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Article Source: Finder


Scanadu cofounders’ new project,, is a conversational robot that explains lab results

Article Excerpt: The platform will use natural language processing to literally converse with patients via an app and explain their lab results to them. If and only if communication reaches an impasse, the platform can refer patients to a human doctor.

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Article Source: MobiHealthNews


What stands in the way of precision medicine’s advancement? Inadequate infrastructure for data collection

Article Excerpt: Significant hurdles in healthcare costs, training, and data collection must be cleared before precision medicine is able to transform treatment for cancer patients, according to participants in a panel discussion during the MedCity CONVERGE Conference in Philadelphia this week. The topic, in case you haven’t guessed already: What’s holding back precision medicine?

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Article Source: MedCity News


NEJM: Bringing Together Ideas for Sharing Clinical Trial Data

Article Excerpt: Can data from clinical trials be shared responsibly, fairly, and effectively? That was the question addressed by clinical trialists, data analysts, and others at the recent NEJM Data Summit — a candid, two-day event that initiated dialogue among those with differing points of view on this hot topic.

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Article Source: NEJM


Personal data as a currency doesn’t have to be all bad

Article Excerpt: A huge debate started after Trump’s decision to allow internet services providers (ISPs) to sell their customers’ browsing data. We’ve yet to see how this exactly plays out, but one thing is certain, data is becoming more and more valuable.

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Article Source: TheNextWeb (TNW)


Mobile’s role in population health management

Article Excerpt: To improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable patients, healthcare providers increasingly focus their efforts on preventive care and population health management. Many deploy technology–including electronic health records and data analytics systems–to bolster such efforts. Executives from Citrus Valley Health Partners in Orange County, California, the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, for example, previously spoke to FierceHealthIT, discussing the need for better information exchange and “data harmonization,” among other efforts.

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Article Source: FierceHealthcare