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The Digital Mental Health Market Is Booming. Here’s Why Some Experts Are Concerned

Article Excerpt: Broadly, the digital mental health space includes direct-to-consumer apps, such as Talkspace and Calm, apps that are designed for a clinician to prescribe, such as reSET, which is used to treat substance use disorders and also mental health platforms that work with employers and health plans, such as Ginger, Lyra Health and Modern Health. There are more than 380,000 health apps available through Apple and Android operating systems, and around 20,000 of them address mental health, according to the European Connected Health Alliance. But with the market growing rapidly, some experts are concerned about whether digital mental health tools deliver what they promise… Leading digital health companies that have made inroads in the employer and payer markets are well aware of the need for accountability and aim to set high standards.

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Article Source: Fierce Healthcare


Raising the Standard for Psychology Research

Article Excerpt: In recent years, efforts to understand the workings of the mind have taken on new-found urgency. Not only are psychological and neurological disorders — from Alzheimer’s disease and strokes to autism and anxiety — becoming more widespread, new tools and methods have emerged that allow scientists to explore the structure of, and activity within, the brain with greater granularity…But this wealth of research comes with challenges, according to Russell Poldrack, a psychology professor with a computing bent at Stanford University. Psychology and neuroscience struggle to build on the knowledge of its disparate researchers.

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Article Source: Texas Advanced Computing Center.  Also posted in Technology Networks.


Study shows medical apps for chronic disease management have significant quality issues

Article Excerpt: We have come to a place in mobile health (mHealth) where the problem is no longer a lack of available apps. Patients and healthcare providers are using health related apps on their smartphones. Research studies have shown promising evidence that certain disease outcomes can be improved with implementation of a mobile app. The issue is now ensuring the quality and safety for patient-facing apps. It is unclear if apps can cause harm for certain users.

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Article Source: iMedicalApps