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The Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator for Digital Health (DIADH)

The Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator for Digital Health (DIADH)

The Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator for Digital Health is a joint effort between the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (CTBH) that provides innovators across Dartmouth with the support, entrepreneurial guidance, and infrastructure needed to translate their science-based digital therapeutics and digital health tools into the marketplace

The digital health ecosystem includes digital diagnostics, digital biomarkers, remote patient monitoring tools, wearables and biologic sensors, point of care and clinical workflow enhancement tools and digital therapeutics – clinical interventions delivered directly to individuals via software to treat, manage or prevent a disease or disorder. DIADH will embrace this full spectrum of digital health in the work it supports.

Through this new initiative -- with guidance from alumni and industry leaders, and philanthropic gifts from visionary donors – DIADH helps Dartmouth teams develop and evaluate their digital health novel solutions and harness the resources needed to accelerate the implementation of these solutions to improve people’s lives.

Who is this Accelerator for?

The Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator for Digital Health will serve innovators within the Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Health community who aspire to bring their digital health solutions and virtual tools to the marketplace. We encourage participation from teams comprised of faculty, graduate and professional school students, post-docs, staff, and undergraduates.

Accelerator Goals

  • Expand the reach of CTBH and Dartmouth science to improve people’s lives
  • Support interdisciplinary teams to accelerate the real-world implementation of novel, clinically-validated digital health applications and digital therapeutics
  • Help ensure that science-based digital health products reach a sufficient state of maturity to reach a value inflection point
  • Give Dartmouth faculty, students, and staff knowledge about the business of digital health and digital therapeutics
  • Showcase Dartmouth’s pioneering and wide-reaching research in the science of digital therapeutics
  • Grow strategic industry partnerships to commercialize the most potent digital health solutions
  • Create a better understanding of the most timely and significant research questions in partnership with industry, payor, regulatory, and other partners

Accelerator Features and Resources

There are many steps that a discovery made in a research setting must go through before it will gain traction with potential partners who can bring it to market.

The Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator for Digital Health features:

  • A 2-day bootcamp-style experience to immerse teams in the entrepreneurial process
  • Two months of guidance from instructors to continue to develop their project idea
  • Support from staff, mentors, Tuck School of Business students, and Entrepreneurs in Residence
  • Access to competitive intelligence via Informa’s Pharmaprojects and Meddevicetracker
  • Access to Palamedes Partners for Market Research Reports
  • An opportunity to pitch to and get feedback from the Accelerator’s External Review Panel comprising top investors and executives in digital health
  • Meaningful funding awards of up to $100,000 upon completion of the program

Key Dates

2024 Key Dates

  • Informational Session: February 16 (via Zoom). Register here
  • Application Period: End of January - February
  • Participant Selection: Early March

2024 Program Dates:

  • March 23-24    2 Day Bootcamp (mandatory for participants)
  • April 1         Customer Development
  • April 3         Product Definition – intro to software requirements
  • April 8         Starting a Company
  • April 10       Developing with Cybersecurity/Privacy in Mind
  • April 15        Growth Hacking and Marketing Math
  • April 17        Regulatory Strategy – is it or isn’t it a medical device?
  • April 22       Commercialization of Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics Products
  • April 24       Intellectual Property & Licensing
  • April 29       Finance Basics
  • May 1           Usability and Clinical Workflow
  • May 6           Pitching and Fundraising
  • May 8           Reimbursement and Pricing
  • TBD              Pitch Competition

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Support & More Info

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