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Mobile Voice Recognition Tech Can Help to Safeguard Mental Health Services

Article Excerpt: An intuitive, mobile solution using voice recognition that allows mental health clinicians to update notes, request changes to medication and create referral letters either while with the patient or straight afterwards, can radically reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. Information is recorded verbally, which is much quicker; and requests for additional services and support are processed immediately, avoiding unacceptable delays. Critically, patient information is up to date and, with direct integration to the EPR or other legacy system, all health providers, from acute services to GPs, have immediate visibility of a patient’s current status. This is particularly important for patients experiencing both mental and physical illness.

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Article Source: Digital Health


Study: Mobile health device fatigue hinders user engagement, even among chronically ill

Article Excerpt: Healthy people stay engaged with mobile health devices longer than those managing a chronic disease, yet overall, device adherence by both groups drops over time due to device fatigue and the challenge of managing more than one device, according to the results of a small study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA)

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Article Source: Fierce Mobile Healthcare


How Mobile Health Tools Could Reduce Physician Burnout

Article Excerpt: With the ongoing reforms in the healthcare industry, the high amount of technology implementations taking place, and the rising number of patients in need of services due to the burgeoning baby boomer generation, a large number of doctors claim to be experiencing burnout. Could mobile health tools help solve the problems associated with physician burnout?

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Article Source: mHealth Intelligence