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Not all mHealth activity trackers are created equal, study finds

Article Excerpt: When it comes to accuracy of data from mHealth fitness tools and wearables, not all stats can be trusted, according to new research. While health trackers are doing a decent job capturing data such as burned calories, they’re not so great with accurate insight on measurements such as strength training, according to a study from Iowa State University (ISU) Department of Kinesiology researchers. The team tested four fitness trackers and two research monitors to find out their accuracy in tracking aerobic, sedentary and resistance activity.

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Article Source: Fierce Mobile Healthcare


Harvard researchers tested 23 online ‘symptom checkers.’ Most got failing grades. Here’s how they stack up.

Article Excerpt: Ever asked the Internet what your symptoms mean and gotten a response that seemed wacky or totally off base? It’s not your imagination.

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Article Source: The Washington Post


Questioning the Value of Health Apps

Article Excerpt: A bodybuilder presses the iPhone’s camera with a fingertip, and his heart rate and blood oxygen levels appear on the screen. A fellow in pajamas steps onto a scale, peers at his smartphone, and sighs dejectedly. A runner races along the waterfront, a cellphone strapped to her pumping arms.

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