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Category: Behavioral Therapies

How Older Adults Can Get Back Into Physical Exercise Following Months of Pandemic Rules

Article Excerpt: Alice Herb, 88, an intrepid New Yorker, is used to walking miles around Manhattan. But after this year of being shut inside, trying to avoid covid-19, she has noticed a big difference in how she feels… Millions of older Americans are similarly struggling with physical, emotional and cognitive challenges following a year of being cooped up inside, stopping usual activities and seeing few, if any, people. If they don’t address issues that have arisen during the pandemic — muscle weakness, poor nutrition, disrupted sleep, anxiety, social isolation and more — these older adults face the prospect of poorer health and increased frailty, experts warn.

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Article Source: Washington Post via Kaiser Health News. Also posted in CNN Health.


Pandemic insomnia could be ‘gateway complaint’ that leads to substance abuse

Article Excerpt: Insomnia during the pandemic could be the “gateway complaint” that leads people to increased substance use like drugs and alcohol. Disruption in our daily lives can often impact how we sleep at night. Recently, there’s arguably been no greater disruption than the pandemic. Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic psychiatrist Dr. Leonardo Cubillos says he’s seeing more fatigue in his patients than ever before in his 20-year career.

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Article Source: WJLA


University Series 030 – Rowan University

Article Excerpt: Join Operant Innovations as we speak to Rowan University and not only do we have faculty joining us, but also two students. Learn how Rowan University is unique in the classes, research, and practicum opportunities allowing their students to individualize their experience through their masters and PhD programming.

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Article Source: Operant Innovations podcast series


Study Finds Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be Highly Effective in Unique Comparison with In-Person Psychotherapy

Article Excerpt: Study indicates Learn to Live (a national leader in the digital delivery of evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tools for individuals living with stress, depression, anxiety, and substance use) digital CB is highly effective at helping people find relief from depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health disorders.

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Article Source: PR Newswire


Technology-Based CBT Provides Innovative Options for SUD Treatment

Article Excerpt: Using technology to deliver CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a new approach that is being used to break down barriers of the past that confined treatment options to in-person therapy.

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Article Source: Psych Congress Network


A Morning Hater’s Guide to Crushing Early Starts

Article Excerpt: The hustle culture has sold us on the idea that starting your day before dawn will earn you a spot among the high-achievers. But do the hours you keep make a difference?…Elizabeth Murnane, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, recommended that (getting) at least 25-45 minutes of sunlight early (makes) waking up easier.

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Article Source: Men’s Health


The Therapist Is In—and It’s a Chatbot App

Article Excerpt: A deadly new virus circling the globe makes many people more anxious. The pandemic’s psychological toll can be particularly weighty for people with an existing mental health condition…Evidence has mounted over the past decade that digital therapeutics can be as effective, or more effective, than treatment by doctors or therapists.

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Article Source: Wired


As Mental Health Needs Rise, Providers See Solutions

Article Excerpt: Since the coronavirus and its accompanying economic shutdown took hold in the United States, there’s been a staggering rise in Americans dealing with mental health conditions…Here in New Hampshire, mental health professionals are concerned about the impact that the pandemic will have on a health care system that is already stretched thin.

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Article Source: Concord Monitor


Talkspace Announces 1,000 months of Free Therapy For Frontline Medical Workers Nationwide Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Article Excerpt: Talkspace, the global leader in digital behavioral health, today announced that it will donate 1,000 months of free online therapy to medical workers all over the U.S. who are helping respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Effective today, March 19th, frontline medical workers nationwide can access a free month of online therapy via Talkspace’s Unlimited Messaging Plus plan, which includes unlimited text, video and audio messaging with a licensed therapist.

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Article Source: Associated Press