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Two Decades of Data Reveal Overall Increase in Pain, Opioid Use Among U.S. Adults

Article Excerpt: Prompted by a call from the National Academy of Medicine, then the Institute of Medicine, for improved national data on pain, a recent study provides new insights concerning pain trends and opioid use for pain management.

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Article Source: NIH


Scientists Seek Ways to Finally Take a Real Measure of Pain

Article Excerpt: The National Institutes of Health is pushing for development of what its director, Dr. Francis Collins, has called a “pain-o-meter.” Spurred by the opioid crisis, the goal isn’t just to signal how much pain someone’s in. It’s also to determine what kind it is and what drug might be the most effective.

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Article Source: AP News


NIH Greatly Expands Investment in BRAIN Initiative

Article Excerpt: The National Institutes of Health announces funding of more than 200 new awards, totaling over $220 million, through the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, an exciting trans-agency effort to arm researchers with revolutionary tools to fundamentally understand the neural circuits that underlie the healthy and diseased brain…Furthermore, the NIH is trying to leverage some BRAIN Initiative advances to help tackle the pain and opioid crisis.

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Article Source: EurekAlert!