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Device Tracks Vaping Habits To Better Understand Use

Article Excerpt: A new tool developed by a Cornell Tech team can unobtrusively monitor electronic cigarette inhalations – yielding important information for research about when and where people vape, how deeply they inhale and how much nicotine they consume.

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Article Source: Cornell Chronicle


Despite Recent Downturn, Local Health Officials Still Concerned Over Vape Use Among Teens

Article Excerpt: The number of eighth-graders who admit vaping in the last 30 days rises every year, according to surveys by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Since 2016, the percentage has doubled. Last year, almost half the 12th-graders surveyed vaped, as well. University of Cincinnati Addiction Sciences assistant professor Dr. LaTrice Montgomery, whose research focuses on marijuana and tobacco co-use, said THC plays no small role.

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Article Source: WCPO Cincinnati


How to Quit Smoking and Vaping During the Coronavirus Pandemic

dArticle Excerpt: Because the coronavirus targets the lungs, doctors and public health officials are adding new urgency to their longstanding plea for smokers and vapers to quit — or at least slow down…If you have ever considered quitting, right now would be a most excellent time to make a determined effort to do so. Pulmonologists suggest that combining two common methods — the nicotine patch plus either a nicotine gum or lozenge — can boost your chances of success. There are a multitude of apps and online resources to connect people to support groups and good advice.

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Article Source: New York Times


Can Siri Help You Beat Addiction?

Article Excerpt: Can a smart assistant help you beat addiction? That’s the questions asked in a new study by researchers at he Center for Data Driven Health at the Qualcomm Institute within the University of California San Diego. The study concludes that devices like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby fail to help users with such problems, but highlight these devices potential for signposting in the future.

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Article Source: Technology Networks


Twitter Study Explores Nicotine Dependence in JUUL Users

Article Excerpt: As e-cigarette brand JUUL continues to climb in popularity among users of all ages, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers took a unique approach to analyzing its impact by using Twitter to investigate any mention of nicotine effects, symptoms of dependence and withdrawal in regards to JUUL use.

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Article Source: Technology Networks.  Original story from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Developing Vaccines to Fight Opioid Addiction — NIH Grant

Article Excerpt: Fueled by the gravity of an epidemic that claims 130 lives each day from overdose, (Mike Zhang,) the Department of Biological Systems Engineering scientist and expert on protein expression, bio-nanoparticles, and vaccine development is combining his specialties in order to potentially save millions of lives. Zhang and his team are developing what could be the next generation treatment – a vaccine to counteract opioid addiction.

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Article Source: EurekAlert


Carrot’s Smoking Cessation Program Helped 32% of Study Participants Quit, Reduced Others’ Daily Use

Article Excerpt: Redwood, California-based Carrot has released new trial data supporting the performance of its digital smoking cessation program. Conducted by the company and published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth, they report that nearly a third of enrollees successfully quit smoking by the program’s end, with many who did not reporting a reduction in average cigarettes consumed per day.

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Article Source: MobiHealthNews


Can Tech Change the Way We Tackle Smoking?

Article Excerpt: With new innovations for just about every aspect of health and wellbeing being launched, there are surprisingly few to help people quit smoking…One of the few innovations coming into the market is an app called Pivot, created by digital health company Carrot Inc, which offers an entirely new approach. The app incorporates lessons, activities and coaching (via in-app chat) to tailor the experience to each user’s needs and readiness to quit.

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Article Source: Forbes


FDA Threatens to Remove e-Cigarettes From Market as Teen Use Surges

Article Excerpt: In the face of skyrocketing e-cigarette use by adolescents, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it has not ruled out taking the products off the market, according to testimony at a January 18 public hearing. The FDA held the public hearing to discuss the role of drug therapies in the treatment of adolescent nicotine addiction.

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Article Source: Medscape