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Hazelden Acquires College Health Program MyStudentBody from Inflexxion, Inc.

Article Excerpt: Inflexxion, Inc., a behavioral health company and creator of MyStudentBody, the most comprehensive online alcohol and drug education program for college students, today announced that this unique program has been acquired by Hazelden, one of the world’s largest and most respected private not-for-profit alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers, globally known for their quality addiction treatment, recovery support and expertise on prevention, addiction, and recovery issues.  “We have grown MyStudentBody into a powerful tool that delivers effective prevention programs to colleges and universities across the country,” said Simon Budman, PhD, founder and CEO of Inflexxion. “We are very proud of MyStudentBody and believe Hazelden will take it to new heights.”

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The Community Liaison Program: A Health Education Pilot Program to Increase Minority Awareness of HIV and Acceptance of HIV Vaccine Trials

Kelley, R. T., Hannans, A., Kreps, G. L., & Johnson, K. (2012). The Community Liaison Program: A health education pilot program to increase minority awareness of HIV and acceptance of HIV vaccine trials. Health Education Research, 27(4): 746-754.

Community liaison volunteers disseminated HIV vaccine research messages for the purposes of increasing HIV awareness and vaccine trials support in minority populations.  A mere 7 liaisons were able to reach 644 community members, or an average of 92 persons per liaison, almost doubling the anticipated rate.  Community-based participatory engagement regarding health education and social networks can be an efficient method for increasing awareness about HIV and acceptance towards vaccine research in hard to reach communities.


Social Media Could Boost Condom Use, Help Curb STIs

Article Excerpt: Health messages on social media can be used to help convince young adults to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, a new study finds.  Participants in the intervention group signed up to “like” and receive news from Just/Us, a Facebook community created to promote sexual health.  Two months after taking part in the social networking groups, condom use in the Just/Us group had increased from 63% to 68%, with no condom use increase in the control group.  However, the effects seen in the Just/Us group faded over time and there were no differences between the two groups at the six-month follow-up.

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Mobile Messaging Platform Brings Together Industry and Academia to Address Patient Compliance

Article Excerpt: Improved Patient Outcomes Inc. (IPO), a joint venture combining research from Duke University and mobile health technology from a Cleveland company CellepathicRx, is launching a new mobile health startup to help providers and payers address patient non-compliance.  These mobile messaging programs use reminders, educational messages, motivational messages and trackers to encourage patients to comply with their prescribed regimens.  A program for a patient with hypertension, for example, might include the basic medication reminders but also might include a smoking cessation component, educational messages about diet and exercise, or stress management – all kinds of content aimed at helping patients achieve better outcomes.

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Article Source:  MedCity News


Study Reveals Concerning Drug & Alcohol Rates in Construction

Article Excerpt: A national study of 494 construction site workers found that 58% consumed alcohol at “hazardous” levels, and a further 15% were at “significant risk of harm”.  The study also found 32% of these workers had used ecstasy or meth/amphetamine-type substances in the past year, and 16% had used cannabis in the same time period.  An educational web-based brief intervention program will be developed to help reduce and manage alcohol and drug use in the construction industry.

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Article Source:  Health Canal


Maternal Health in the Mobile Age

Article Excerpt: Mobile technology is changing the world as we once knew it, and every industry is attempting to discover high yield interventions that will help them optimize their offerings by reducing cost of operations, improving efficiency, and ultimately, saving lives.  One such application has been in the field of maternal and child health.

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Article Source: Huffington Post


HHS Launches Online Training, Text Message Pilot on HIV/AIDS Care

Article Excerpt: Health and Human Services has announced plans to launch an online training program to help clinicians improve care for people with HIV.  Also, HHS announced that it is partnering with the MAC AIDS Fund to pilot a mobile text messaging service — called UCARE4LIFE — that would send health tips, appointment reminders and medication alerts to HIV-positive individuals.

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Article source:  iHealthBeat


The Future of Psychiatry (= Clinical Neuroscience)

Article Excerpt: Last week a short piece in the British medical journal, The Lancet, described an “identity crisis” in psychiatry. In the U.K., the number of medical students choosing psychiatry has dropped more than 50 percent since 2009 and over the past decade the number of psychiatrists has dropped by 26 percent while the number of physicians overall has increased more than 31 percent. Ninety-five percent of posts for junior physicians across all specialties are generally filled; but psychiatry posts, as of last summer, were running more than one third unfilled.

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Article Source: National Institute of Mental Health

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