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Medicine Is Going Digital. The FDA Is Racing to Catch Up

Article Excerpt: When Bakul Patel started as a policy advisor in the US Food and Drug Administration in 2008, he could pretty much pinpoint when a product was going to land in front of the reviewers in his division. Back when medical devices were heavy on the hardware—your pacemakers and your IUDs—it would take manufacturers years to get them ready for regulatory approval. FDA reviewers could keep up pretty well.

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Article Source: Wired


FCC seeks comment on aiding broadband-enabled healthcare

Article Excerpt: The Federal Communications Commission is seeking industry comment and data on accelerating the adoption and accessibility of broadband-enabled healthcare, particularly in rural and underserved communities.

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Article Source: Health Data Management


Evaluating the Feasibility and Accessibility of Digital Technology Interventions for Global Mental Health

Article Excerpt: Lead author John A. Naslund, MPH, a doctoral candidate at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, and an affiliate of Dartmouth’s Center for Technology and Behavioral Health, wrote the paper along with colleagues at Dartmouth, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Public Health Foundation of India, and the University of Washington. Though he believes technology has the potential to positively affect the treatment of mental disorders, he admits it is not a panacea, but rather a valuable tool whose use should be based on evidence.

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Article Source: Geisel NewsCenter


The Recovering Heroin Addict Shaking Social Media

Article Excerpt: Today, more than 22 million people are struggling with addiction, and it’s estimated that as a result, more than 45 million people are affected. But what many people don’t realize is that there are more than 23 million people living in active, long-term recovery today. Yet, because of shame and stigma, many stay silent.

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Article Source: Forbes