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In a first for wearable optics, researchers develop stretchy fiber to capture body motion

Article Excerpt: In Optica, The Optical Society’s journal for high impact research, a team led by Changxi Yang of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments at Tsinghua University in Beijing offers the first demonstration of optical fibers sturdy enough to sense a wide range of human motion.

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Article Source: ScienceDaily


New Sensor with a Breathalyzer Prevents the Need for a Blood Test

Article Excerpt: In the future, the procedure of blowing into the tube will not just be used by police checking for alcohol intoxication, but it will also be applied for testing the condition of athletes and for people wanting to lose that extra bit of weight. ETH Researchers have developed a sensor that allows carrying out measurements when the body begins to burn fat with a convenient breathalyzer.

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Article Source: AZoNano

Lys wants to fix your circadian rhythm with its wearable light sensor

Article Excerpt: Lys — which is Danish for “light” — is a coin-sized device which tracks lux and colour levels through sensors aiming to replicate the eye’s photoreceptors. Working best closer to your eyes, the £59 wearable clips on to the likes of your t-shirt or jacket lapels in order to pull in real-time readings, while daily light goals are fed to users through the companion app.

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Scientists Develop 10-Second HIV Test Linked to Mobile Phones

Article Excerpt: The University of Surrey, working with colleagues at University College London, the Africa Health research Institute (South Africa), OJ-Bio (Newcastle), QV (holdings (Netherlands) and the Japan Radio Co Ltd, have developed a mobile test using technology found in smartphones, and it could provide doctors and carers with a virtually instantaneous way of diagnosing someone with HIV. The test uses just a single drop of blood from a patient to produce a positive test within 10 seconds.

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Article Source: Drug Discovery & Development

The FDA just approved the first mobile device and app to help you quit smoking

Article Excerpt: A start-up called Carrot just got cleared from federal regulators for its digital approach to help millions of people quit smoking. Part of its program includes the first FDA-approved use of a smartphone app to help people quit smoking.

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Article Source: CNBC