Center Highlights

CTBH receives five-year $6.8 million renewal grant award from NIDA

(Dartmouth Medicine Magazine - November 2016 - Full Article)

Article Excerpt: Based on their prodigious work, CTBH has developed a strong reputation among researchers and service providers as a mentor and leader in developing, evaluating, and implementing these technology-based therapeutic tools.

And this summer the center received a five-year $6.8 million renewal grant award from NIDA to continue its work, which is quite an achievement. This highly competitive renewal award was granted to continue support of CTBH due to its marked impact to date on the science and the practice of digital health, as well as its promise for helping to change the future of medicine. With this renewal grant, CTBH is able to further direct its research efforts in answering new scientific questions regarding real-world implementation of technology-assisted intervention models for SUD and mental health treatment and related behavioral health issues.


Dartmouth receives award to scale-up science-based mental health care in Latin America

(June 2016) - The U.S. National Institute of Mental Health has awarded a U19 Cooperative Agreement Grant to the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health at Dartmouth College.   This award will support a partnership with a broad array of stakeholders, including leading researchers in the U.S. and Latin America, governmental organizations, patient advocacy organizations, insurance company payers, and non-governmental and multilateral organizations to scale-up mental health implementation research and build sustainable research capacity and science-based policies and programs in Latin America.

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