Poster Session 
Digital Health Summit

Poster Session 2023

This poster session, sponsored by CTBH and the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, will feature digital health innovations from the Dartmouth community, including teams from the first cohort of the Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator in Digital Health (DIADH). Prizes, sponsored by DIADH, will be awarded for the best posters!

Shireen Geimer
Improving patient engagement in depression care through remote support: Preliminary Results

Bridget Clark
A Technology-delivered Physical Activity Program for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes

Christopher Doyle
Simplifying Care for Long Covid and ME/CFS: LLMs and Precision Medicine

Robert Brady
Pilot Evaluation of the Application of Audio Recording to Enhance the Effectiveness of Psychotherapy for Substance Use Disorders

Dylan Moore
Revealing Moments of Lucidity: Computer Vision in Memory Care for Older Adults

Craig Ganoe
Design of a digital decision navigator to screen for depression and connect with evidence-based mental health treatment in rural oncology settings - iPath*D

Shirin Amouei
Can we rethink psychiatric medication withdrawal through a patient’s eyes?

John Brand
Negative news exposure, attentional bias to food and alcohol cues, and momentary craving among college students: An eye tracking investigation using a smartphone platform.

Omar Sharif
Characterizing Information Seeking in Online Health Discourse in the Era of Generative AI

Julia Hill
Patient-Centric Approach to Utilizing Visual Misperception as a Marker for Neuropsychiatric Disease

George Price
Predicting weekly variability in depressive symptoms among individuals diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder using deep learning and passively gathered movement data

Subigya Nepal
MoodCapture: Depression Detection Using in-the-wild Smartphone Images

Arvind Pillai
Investigating Generalizability of Speech-based Suicidal Ideation Detection Using Mobile Phones

Aravindhan Sriharan
A Novel Tactile Diagnostic Platform To Reduce Turnaround Time and Enable Artificial Intelligence in Pathology: The SmartScope

Michael Heinz
Testing domain knowledge and risk of bias of a large-scale general artificial intelligence model in mental health