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Wearables and apps for health: The circadian and sleep connection

OCTOBER 14, 2022

Daniel Forger, PhD
Professor of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics
Professor of Mathematics
University of Michigan
About the Presentation: Circadian rhythms and sleep are two aspects of health and wellness that are particularly amenable to wearable measurement. I will discuss new techniques to measure circadian rhythms and sleep from wearables. We will then use our techniques to show how sleep and circadian rhythms affect our health in the real world, for example, how they are affected by COVID infection and can be used in the pre-detection of COVID infection. The latter part of the talk will focus on mental health. Sleep, circadian rhythms, and mood have deep connections. I will discuss modeling the physiology of these connections, as well as work with Ben Shapiro to test the connections between sleep, circadian rhythms, and mood in the real world.
About the Presenter: Daniel Forger is a Professor of Mathematics and Research Professor of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His widely acclaimed book, “Biological Clocks, Rhythms and Oscillations: The Theory of Biological Timekeeping” was recently released open access by the MIT Press. Many alumni from his group have gone on to faculty positions. Funded by most major scientific funding organizations, Dr. Forger is a leader of team science and has been the PI of two Human Frontier Science Project Grants. He also is the CSO of Arcascope and an associate of the American Guild of Organists.