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Mobile Biosensing and Advanced Interventions in Behavioral Health

March 22, 2013

Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Lecturer on Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

About the Presenter:  Dr. Boyer is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Emergency Medicine. He is the director of Toxicology and former Director of the Toxicology Fellowship in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Boyer is a graduate of the Fellowship in Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA. He is a graduate of the Emergency Medicine Residency of the University of Pennsylvania and received his MD from Columbia University School of Medicine. He also has a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from Columbia University. He was a NIH postdoctoral fellow in protein design at The Rockefeller University.

Dr. Boyer’s research interests include: artificial intelligence approaches to predicting human behavior, combinatorial interventions for HIV treatment and substance abuse and identifying real-time drug use in natural environments.