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MobileCoach-Teen: A pilot feasibility trial of a smartphone-based alcohol prevention app to reduce risky drinking behavior in youth

OCTOBER 28, 2022

Joy Gabrielli, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical and Health Psychology
University of Florida

About the Presentation: Dr. Gabrielli will present on a recently completed adaptation of a Swiss-based alcohol prevention app delivered using MobileCoach, an open-source platform for digital interventions. This study included a 12-week prevention intervention with content designed to target risky drinking behavior in high school youth. This app was redesigned for implementation with US junior and senior high school students. Qualitative and quantitative user feedback and engagement metrics will be presented as well as discussion on plans for further app development and future research.

About the Presenter: Dr. Joy Gabrielli specializes in the treatment of adolescents and families. She is trained in trauma-focused intervention that is both individual- and family-based. She also has experience with reduction of health risk behaviors in youth.

Dr. Gabrielli’s program of research centers on the identification of modifiable environmental risk factors for adolescent health risk behaviors (e.g., substance use) that can be targeting for intervention and prevention efforts. She also has a specific interest in working with understudied and high-risk populations in this area, with a particular emphasis on youth in foster care. Following her work at the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health at Dartmouth, she developed an interest in applications of digital technologies to address the prevention and treatment needs of youth clinical populations. Dr. Gabrielli has also created a framework for a media literacy preventative intervention for parents (T.E.C.H. Parenting) to reduce youth risk for initiation of health risk behaviors.