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Intellectual Property and Technology

January 18, 2013

John Ritter, JD, MBA
Director, Office of Technology Licensing and Intellectual Property, Princeton University

About the Presentation: Owning, creating and leveraging intellectual property is rapidly becoming an integral part of any business or research enterprise – especially those in life sciences tasked with creating and bringing to market new and better ways to improve our health and well-being. From copyright and trademark to patents and trade secret, intellectual property rights encourage innovation and promote stability. This primer is designed to introduce you to the basic forms and theories of intellectual property and discuss its relationship to the delivery of healthcare via technology. Additionally, we will discuss some emerging issues relating to liability for practitioners of telemedicine.

About the Presenter: John F. Ritter has been working in academic technology licensing for over 20 years. He has been at Princeton University for the last 16 years, where he serves as the Director, Office of Technology Licensing. Prior to Princeton he worked as a senior licensing professional at Rutgers University and in a prior life held various sales and marketing positions in the materials industry. Mr. Ritter has a B.S. in Engineering from Rutgers, an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a J.D. with Honors from the Rutgers School of Law. A Registered Patent Attorney, he is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.