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The integration of eHealth into mental health and alcohol/other drug use services…a galaxy far, far away?

FEBRUARY 12, 2021

Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin
Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation Division
The University of Newcastle

About the Presentation: This presentation summarises the pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities for the better integration of digital tools (eHealth) into clinical practice across mental health and alcohol/other drug use services. Taking the Australian experience as a guide, and through the lens of COVID-19, this presentation will highlight the urgency with which we need to bridge the divide between what we know and what we do in mental health and alcohol/other drug use treatment, and provide examples from research and clinical practice to facilitate this.

About the Presenter:  Prof. Frances Kay-Lambkin is currently the Interim Pro-Vice Chancellor (PVC), Research and Innovation, at the University of Newcastle.  She is taking a leave of absence from her role as NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Director of Technology, Innovation, and Translation at the NHMRC PREMISE Centre for Research Excellence, and Co-Director of the Mental Health Hub of the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre in Brain and Mental Health while in the Interim PVC role.  Prof Kay-Lambkin’s research and clinical program has been instrumental in demonstrating the transformative impact of digital technologies in bringing integrated treatments to the point of care for people with comorbid mental health and substance use problems. She was awarded the Hunter Medical Research Institute Research Excellence award for 2019, the highest accolade awarded to a medical researcher for the institution, based on a significant career contribution to medical science.