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Leveraging Social Media to Help Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder

DECEMBER 7, 2018

Patricia A. Cavazos, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Health & Behavior Research Center
Director, Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation

About the Presentation: Individuals struggling with addiction often are difficult to reach if they are not linked to care; social media can bridge this gap. In this presentation, we will explore the use of social media (i.e. Reddit) to learn more about individuals who misuse opioids, and investigate how this platform could be used to connect those who are non-treatment engaged into care. I will also report results of the pilot test of our “uMAT-R” mobile app, designed to educate individuals with opioid use disorder about medication assisted treatment options.

About the Presenter:  Dr. Patricia Cavazos-Rehg is a clinically-trained licensed psychologist who has been involved in biomedical research for nearly 15 years. After receiving her Ph.D. in Psychology from SUNY at Buffalo in 2004, she moved to Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) in St. Louis, MO to begin her research career, focusing on understanding how policy and social media shape health risk behaviors of young people. In addition to her research, she is also a dedicated Associate Professor and the Director of WUSM’s Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation where she promotes the career development of junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows.