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mMotiv8: A Smartphone-Based Contingency Management Intervention to Promote Smoking Cessation


Dallery J, Stinson L, Bolívar H, Modave F, Salloum R, Viramontes T, Rohilla P


Researchers assessed the efficacy and acceptability of a smartphone-based contingency management (CM) intervention, mMotiv8, in promoting smoking cessation among adult smokers over 7 weeks.


14 adult smokers, recruited via community flyers and print/social media ads, received the mMotiv8 app and a handheld carbon monoxide (CO) meter (Smokerlyzer) that connected to the audio jack of a personal iPhone. Participants earned $10/day of smoking abstinence (CO ≤ 5 ppm). At baseline, participants provided breath CO samples and reported smoking behavior and nicotine dependence. During treatment, mMotiv8 prompted participants to provide a CO sample within a 2-hour window up to twice daily. mMotiv8 captured an id photo of the participant providing a CO sample and sent the photo and CO results to the research clinic. At 7 weeks, participants reported app usability, acceptability, past 7-day smoking, and cessation strategies.

  • Prevalence of CO-negative participant breath samples was over 22 times higher
    during the mMotiv8 intervention (89% negative) than during the baseline period (4%
  • Almost all participants (93%) reported large reductions in cigarette smoking relative
    to baseline, and most participants (64%) demonstrated evidence of sustained
    smoking abstinence while using mMotiv8.
  • Participants found mMotiv8 usable and acceptable and provided CO samples for 85%
    of mMotiv8 prompts.
  • A smartphone-based contingency management (CM) app coupled with an iCO monitor offers an affordable, effective intervention that could broaden the reach of CM to underserved and rural populations.
  • Future research could assess whether mobile CM can facilitate long-term smoking abstinence, explore integrating facial recognition software into mobile CM, and determine whether supplementing CM with other cessation strategies improves smoking abstinence outcomes.
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Dallery J, Stinson L, Bolívar H, et al. mMotiv8: A Smartphone-Based Contingency Management Intervention to Promote Smoking Cessation. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. 30 November 2020. doi: 10.1002/jaba.800