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Addiction Severity Index- Multimedia Version (ASI-MV)


The ASI-MV is a computer-administered comprehensive substance use assessment instrument.

Using a self-administered, interactive format, the ASI-MV provides composite scores and severity ratings for seven substance-related domains: alcohol use, drug use, employment, family/social relationships, legal status, medical status, and psychiatric status. Questions are delivered via video-based virtual interviewers.

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Theoretical Approaches:
Multidimensional assessment

Target Substance(s):
Polysubstance Use

Target Outcome(s):
Measure problem severity

Young Adults (18-30)
Adults (30+)


African American
Native American

Residential substance abuse treatment programs
Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs

Geographical Location:


  • Initial validation of a computer-administered Addiction Severity Index: The ASI-MV.

    Butler SF, Budman SH, Goldman RJ, Newman FL, Beckley KE, Trottier D, Cacciola JS. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. 2011. 15(1): 4-12. PMID: 11255937.

    Summary: This study sought to validate the Addiction Severity Index- Multimedia Version (ASI-MV). 202 adults in residential, outpatient, and prison substance abuse treatment programs were selected to complete the ASI-MV. Seven substance-related domains were measured by calculating composite scores and severity ratings. To obtain estimates of test-retest reliability, 60 participants completed the ASI-MV twice. One hundred ten participants completed comparison measures along with the ASI-MV, which were used to examine the ASI-MV’s discriminant validity. The ASI-MV was also compared with the interviewer-administered ASI by administering both versions to 142 participants.

    Completion of the ASI-MV took an average of 42.6 minutes per participant, comparable to interviewer-administered ASI. Test-retest reliability ranged from a low of 0.68 (legal composite score) to a high of 0.95 (employment composite score). Based on intra-class correlation coefficients, the ASI-MV’s criterion validity was found to be acceptable, though the composite scores had higher criterion validity than the severity ratings. The ASI-MV was found to have good discriminant validity. Interestingly, the scores on the ASI-MV were found to be more valid and reliable than those for the interview-administered ASI.

    Take Away: The ASI-MV is a feasible and psychometrically sound measure of substance use and substance-related domains.

  • Validation of the Spanish Addiction Severity Index Multimedia Version (S-ASI-MV).

    Butler SF, Redondo JP, Fernandez KC, Villapiano A. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 2009. 99(1-3): 18-27. PMCID: PMC2651671.

    Summary: This article described the development and validation of the Spanish Addiction Severity Index Multimedia Version (S-ASI-MV). To develop the program, the ASI was translated into a Spanish script. The script was reviewed by bilingual substance abuse counselors and revised before being computerized and pilot tested. To validate the S-ASI-MV, 185 Spanish-speaking patients at residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs completed the S-ASI-MV. Results of the S-ASI-MV were used to calculate composite scores and severity ratings. Participants also completed a Spanish translation of the interviewer administered ASI, and comparison measures in Spanish. A sample of participants completed the S-ASI-MV again 3-5 days after the initial assessment. Additionally, the S-ASI-MV results from this sample were also compared with results of the English ASI-MV, collected for a different study. Test-retest reliability and criterion validity correlations ranged from acceptable to excellent. Comparisons with other measures showed that the S-ASI-MV had good discriminant validity. When compared to the English ASI-MV, the S-ASI-MV had similar psychometric properties.

    Take Away: The S-ASI-MV is a reliable and valid measure of substance use severity, and appears to be as psychometrically sound as the English ASI-MV.

  • A Computer Adaptive Testing Version of the Addiction Severity Index—Multimedia Version (ASI–MV): The Addiction Severity CAT

    Butler SF, Black RA, McCaffrey SA, Ainscough J, & Doucette AM. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. 2017. 31(3), 265–275. 

    Summary: This study developed and validated a computer adaptive testing version of the Addiction Severity Index – Multimedia Version (ASI-MV) called the Addiction Severity CAT. The Addiction Severity CAT is intended to update the original instrument to provide a more accurate and efficient assessment of current substance use. Experts in substance abuse treatment participated in the brainstorming of new potential items for Addiction Severity CAT domains. Then, the new item bank was assessed in a large nonclinical sample (N=4419) and substance abuse treatment patient sample (N=845). Based on the performance of the new items, the study eliminated and finalized the items for development of the Addiction Severity CAT fully functioning prototype. Finally, the researchers evaluated the CAT scores on validity, sensitivity to change, overall reliability of the scores, time to completion, and bias. This study found Addiction Severity CAT to be valid, sensitive to change, and reliable. It also takes significantly less time on average to complete the Addiction Severity CAT than the ASI-MV. The CAT items developed in this study can potentially be combined with the original ASI-MV to create a hybrid assessment.
    Take Away: The Addiction Severity CAT version is a valid and reliable measure of current substance use and associated problems.