Patient-Focused Technology Improving Women’s Healthcare


Article Excerpt: One of the most significant advances in patient-focused technology has been the advent of telehealth technologies. From the proliferation of wearable devices that allow round-the-clock patient monitoring to the rise in telemedicine, offering on-demand virtual consultations with healthcare providers, patients have greater access than ever before to the care, and the caregivers, they need. For women, this increased access to care through remote health technologies has profound implications for their overall quality of care. First, studies have shown that women are at significantly higher risk of being misdiagnosed or of failing to receive a timely diagnosis due to unconscious gender biases and the general lack of training in women’s health. With the dawn of wearable health tech and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) systems into the care regimen, women are receiving faster and more accurate diagnoses than they would likely have been given in a brief clinical encounter.

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Article Source: Innovation & Tech Today