Faculty Affiliates

Michelle Acosta, PhD

Principal Investigator, Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy, City University of New York.

Addiction; Technology-Delivered Interventions; Veterans; Chronic Pain; Youth; Opioids


Michelle Acosta, PhD
Principal Investigator, Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy, City University of New York.


Selected Publications
  • Tofighi B, Leonard N, Greco P, Hadavand A, Acosta MC, Lee JD. Technology use patterns among patients enrolled in inpatient detoxification treatment. J Addict Med. 2018 Dec 20. doi: 10.1097/ADM.0000000000000494. PMID: 30589653.
  • Possemato K, Johnson EM, Emery JB, Wade M, Acosta MC, Marsch LA, Rosenblum A, Maisto SA. A pilot study comparing peer supported web-based CBT to self-managed web CBT for primary care veterans with PTSD and hazardous alcohol use. Psychiatr Rehabil J. 2018 Nov 29. doi: 10.1037/prj0000334. PMID: 30489140.
  • Guarino H, Fong C, Marsch LA, Acosta MC, Syckes C, Moore SK, Cruciani RA, Portenoy RK, Turk DC, Rosenblum A. Web-based cognitive behavior therapy for chronic pain patients with aberrant drug-related behavior: Outcomes from a randomized controlled trial. Pain Medicine. 2018;0:1–15. doi:10.1093/pm/pnx334.
  • Possemato K, Acosta MC, Fuentes J, Lantinga LJ, Marsch LA, Maisto SA, Grabinski M, Rosenblum A. A web-based self-management program for recent combat veterans with PTSD and substance misuse: program development and veteran feedback. Cogn Behav Pract. 2015 Aug 1;22(3):345-358. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpra.2014.03.005. PMID: 26120269; PMCID: PMC4480783.
  • Marsch LA, Guarino H, Acosta M, Aponte-Melendez Y, Cleland C, Grabinski M,Brady R, Edwards J. Web-based behavioral treatment for substance use disorders as a partial replacement of standard methadone maintenance treatment. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2014 Jan;46(1):43-51. PMID: 24060350; PMCID: PMC3839618.
  • Moore SK, Guarino H, Acosta MC, Aronson ID, Marsch LA, Rosenblum A, Grabinski MJ, Turk DC. Patients as collaborators: Using focus groups and feedback sessions to develop an interactive, web-based self-management intervention for chronic pain  Pain Medicine. 2013;14(11):1730-40. PMID: 23859438. PMCID: PMC3834126.
  • Acosta MC, Marsch LA, Xie H, Guarino H, Aponte-Melendez Y. A web-based behavior therapy program influences the association between cognitive functioning and retention and abstinence in clients receiving methadone maintenance treatment. J Dual Diagn. 2012 Oct;8(4):283-293. doi: 10.1080/15504263.2012.723317. PMID: 23671409; PMCID: PMC3650891.
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