Center Leadership

Lisa Marsch, PhD

Center Director

Development, Evaluation, & Dissemination of Technology-based Therapeutic Tools; Prevention and Treatment for Substance Use Disorders; Behavioral Health


Lisa Marsch, PhD
Center Director

46 Centerra Parkway , EverGreen Center, Suite 315 Lebanon, NH 03766

(603) 646-7092

Selected Publications
  • Jacobson N, Kowatsch T, Marsch, LA, editors. Digital therapeutics for mental health and addiction: The state of the science and vision for the future. 1st edition. Academic Press; 2022 September 27. Paperback ISBN: 9780323900454.
  • Jacobson N, Quist RE, Lee CM, Marsch LA. Using digital therapeutics to target gaps and failures in traditional mental health and addiction treatments. In Jacobson N, Kowatsch T, Marsch LA, editors. Digital therapeutics for mental health and addiction: The state of the science and vision for the future. Academic Press; 2022 September 27. Chapter 2. Paperback ISBN: 9780323900454.
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