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Feasibility of a Mobile Breath Carbon Monoxide Measurement Device for the Assessment of Cigarette Smoking

Funding Source

Center for Technology and Behavioral Health Pilot Core

Project Period

February 2012 – January 2013

Principal Investigator

Steven Meredith, MS, PhD Candidate

Other Project Staff

Jesse Dallery, PhD (University of Florida); Prabal Dutta, PhD (University of Michigan)

Project Summary

The primary aim of this pilot project will be to create and integrate a method to remotely detect smoking status into mobile-phone technology, which, if promising, can later be integrated with an evidence-based, mobile phone intervention that promotes smoking cessation. In this pilot project, we will develop a handful of carbon monoxide (CO) monitor prototypes, demonstrate integration with mobile phone software, and implement a workable calibration procedure. We will also collect preliminary acceptability and usability data from 20 cigarette smokers.

This pilot project will generate a proof-of-concept device to monitor smoking status via remote CO-sensing technology. It will be the first project to integrate the considerable reach of mobile phones with remote sensing technology to monitor smoking status. The data will be highly valuable in directing future research with the aims to advance the technology and rigorously test the efficacy and sustainability of mobile-phone based abstinence reinforcement/contingency management to promote smoking cessation. Our subsequent plan to integrate this mobile assessment device with a mobile contingency management intervention would permit widespread, convenient access to efficacious behavioral treatment to promote abstinence from cigarette smoking.