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Evaluation of an Ecological Momentary Intervention of Implementation Intentions Delivered by Text Message to Reduce Cigarette Smoking

Funding Source

National Institute on Drug Abuse – Center for Technology and Behavioral Health Pilot Core

Project Period

January 2020 - January 2021

Principal Investigator

Elizabeth C. Saunders, PhD

Other Project Staff

Lisa A. Marsch, PhD (Mentor); Nicholas C. Jacobson, PhD (Statistics Consultant); Shea Lemley, PhD; Nico Agosti, BS

Project Summary

Cigarette smoking is a public health problem with high contextual sensitivity; however, interventions have only recently begun to isolate and identify how smoking intervention components interact with momentary contextual and personal risk factors. The overarching goal of this line of research is to determine how intervention characteristics interact with contextual and personal risk factors in-the-moment to produce momentary and sustained reductions in cigarette smoking. The current project will develop an ecological momentary intervention (EMI) featuring implementation intentions (II), which link critical situations where smoking is likely to occur with alternative responses that avoid cigarette use. Using ecological momentary assessment (EMA) for data collection, this project will evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and initial effectiveness of a micro-randomized trial (MRT) of EMI-II targeting cigarette smoking reduction. This project will permit an initial evaluation of within-subject effects of EMI-II targeting cigarette smoking reduction and will provide pilot data for a larger trial to evaluate interactions between momentary personal and contextual variables and EMI.