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‘Road to Recovery September 2014: Using New Technologies To Expand Treatment and Recovery Services’

CTBH Director Lisa Marsch is featured in a video by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as part of a series aiming to inform and engage individuals and communities around substance abuse prevention and treatment and mental health issues.

According to SAMHSA, “This show will identify and promote the use of new technologies that facilitate and expand treatment and recovery services. These new technologies include social media (social network and messaging systems—Facebook and Twitter), interactive text messaging platforms, and smart phone applications. These technologies are enabling new models of behavioral health care both within and outside of formal or traditional systems of care. The benefits of using these technologies will be highlighted, such as their ability to build virtual recovery communities, facilitate peer support, and enable a person in recovery to participate anonymously. Specific technology programs and systems proving to be effective in facilitating treatment and recovery will be described. Applications of these technologies in the realms of prevention and assessment will also be presented.”

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