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CTBH’s Andrew Campbell wins the 2022 ACM UbiComp 10-year Impact Award!

Congratulations to Andrew Campbell, Director of CTBH’s Emerging Technologies and Data Analytics Core, on winning the prestigious 2022 ACM UbiComp 10-year Impact Award for StressSense, a mobile app developed in 2012 by Professor Campbell’s advisee, Hong Lu. The winning paper “StressSense: Detecting stress in unconstrained acoustic environments using smartphones” describes the first noninvasive system that can detect stress based on changes in human speech production in diverse real-life acoustic scenarios.

Presented at the ACM UbiComp Conference in September 2022, the award was given the following citation: “By convincingly showing how smartphone microphones could be used to unobtrusively recognize stress from the user’s voice, this work paved the way for other numerous efforts in the area of stress detection from sensory data, a topic that, 10 years later, is still very relevant for both academia and industry”.

This is Professor Campbell’s third 10-year Impact Award.