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CTBH in the News! Profs. Lorie Loeb and Jeremy Manning discuss FitWit project, funded through CTBH Pilot Core

‘Into the Wild’ (Dartmouth Medicine – August 6, 2021 – Full Article)

Article Excerpt: Neuroscientist Jeremy Manning, PhD, wants to understand the causal link between exercise, mental health, and cognitive performance—his Contextual Dynamics Lab researches human memory and he has a few ideas about how the three may be connected… With funding from CTBH (Center for Technology and Behavioral Health)’s Pilot Core, Manning and (Lorie) Loeb pulled together Dartmouth-wide experts in human memory, physiological changes associated with exercise and cognition, remote sensing technologies and software development, and data analysis/app design—a collaboration that included undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty—to launch the pilot study.