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CTBH in the News! CTBH receives five-year $6.8 million renewal grant award from NIDA

‘Wave of the Future’ (Dartmouth Medicine Magazine – November 2016 – Full Article)

Article Excerpt: Launched five years ago CTBH—a National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded Center of Excellence—conducts advanced research in the use of digital technology for understanding behavioral health, particularly substance use disorders (SUD) and mental health, and develops and validates new scientific-based interventions to help people overcome or manage their medical conditions.

“As a national center, we are involved with a broad range of scientific studies ranging from basic science questions to national and international multi-site implementation studies,” says Lisa Marsch, PhD, director of CTBH and the Andrew G. Wallace Professor of psychiatry at Geisel. “We are also charged with being a national resource for using science to define the evolution of technology and health, which means our researchers serve in governmental advisory roles, as advisors to a national and international research community, in training pre- and post-docs and faculty across the nation, in defining methodological frameworks for conducting state-of-the art research, in disseminating information through seminal books, publications and presentations, and in implementing new models of health care delivery that centrally embrace evidence-based digital health systems.”