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Center Opens 2011-2012 Seminar Series

The Center for Technology and Behavioral Health has opened a monthly seminar series. These presentations feature members of both the Scientific and Dissemination & Implementation Advisory Boards and other distinguished collaborators. The goal is to educate the CTBH team about a given Board member’s area of expertise and the most cutting-edge developments in their field of relevance to the Center’s Aims. Featured speakers to date include David Gustafson, Ph.D., who spoke about the growing evidence-based for Smartphone systems to improve patient outcomes. Linda Collins, Ph.D., from Penn State discussed the innovative Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) for designing new behavioral interventions, and Robert Evans from Google presented PACO, his team’s open source mobile experience sampling research platform.

The seminar series is video recorded and available for viewing in the Seminar Series section of this website.