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Implementation and Effectiveness of Early Intervention eHealth Program for Young People Experiencing Alcohol and Other Drug-Related Harm

Funding Source

National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research, Australian Federal Government, Alcohol & Drug Branch

Project Period

1/7/19 - 6/30/22

Principal Investigator

Leanne Hides, PhD (The University of Queensland)

Other Project Staff

Quinn C, Walter Z, Carlyle M, Wilson H, Palmer K, Curtain J

Project Summary

We recently demonstrated the efficacy of the telehealth QuikFix risk-targeted brief intervention for reducing alcohol use among young people with alcohol-related injuries or illnesses accessing support services in the Brisbane Night-time (Hides et al., 2020). The overall aim of this study is to determine the clinical utility, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the QuikFix risk-targeted brief intervention for reducing AOD use and related harm when delivered via telehealth by AOD workers in real-world clinical settings, with the support of a web-based program.

Public Health Relevance

If effective, the QuikFix eHealth intervention provides an easily disseminated and effective way of addressing the significant public health issue of alcohol use and related harm in young people.