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Impact of Smartphone Systems to Improve Patient Outcomes. Results of Randomized Trials

December 14, 2011

David Gustafson, PhD
Research Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

About the Presentation: In this presentation, Dr. Gustafson 1) describes smart phone systems designed to help inner city teenagers with asthma and alcoholics prevent relapse, 2) describes early results from two randomized trials evaluating their impact and 3) discusses implications for design, evaluation, dissemination and sustainability of wireless technologies in healthcare delivery.

About the Presenter: David Gustafson, Ph.D. directs the National Cancer Institute designated Center of Excellence in Cancer Communications (, the National Program Office of the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment and the Agency for Health Care Research and Policy’s Active Aging Research Center of Excellence. His research focuses on the use of systems engineering methods and models in individual and organizational change, employing randomized trials as a key evaluation strategy.