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eGetgoing uses video conferencing technology to deliver therapy to patients with opioid dependence.

Accredited by the Joint Commission and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, eGetgoing provides a platform to deliver confidential therapy through the internet. After installing the eGetgoing platform on a computer, patients can register for specific therapy sessions. Once registered, patients can sign in and access real-time group or individual counseling sessions.


Theoretical Approaches:
Relapse Control Theory

Target Substance(s):
Illicit drugs

Target Outcome(s):
Treatment attendance
Substance use
Treatment satisfaction

Young Adults (18-30)
Adults (30+)



Remote Access

Geographic Location:



  • Assessing the effectiveness of an internet-based videoconferencing platform for delivering intensified substance abuse counseling.

    King VL, Stoller KB, Kidorf M, Kindbom K, Hursh S, Brady T, Brooner RK. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2009. 36(3): 331-338. PMID: 18775625.

    Summary: In this randomized controlled trial, the efficacy of the eGetgoing videoconferencing platform was examined. Thirty-seven patients with positive toxicology screens (“non-responders”) were recruited from a methadone maintenance clinic and randomly assigned to receive eGetgoing or in-person counseling. Although 50 patients were initially recruited, 13 withdrew because of computer problems, internet issues, or non-adherence to the registration process. The in-person counseling condition consisted of a biweekly 60 minute therapy session at the methadone maintenance program. Participants in both the eGetgoing and the in-person conditions received the same manualized therapy program based on relapse control theory. Treatment adherence, treatment satisfaction, and drug use were assessed at baseline and throughout the following 6 weeks. During the 6 weeks, no significant differences were detected in treatment adherence. Adherence rates for eGetgoing were 92%, while adherence rates for the in-person therapy were 76%. All participants had significant decreases in drug use during the study. These decreases were equivalent across both conditions. Treatment satisfaction was also comparable between eGetgoing and in-person counseling.

    Take Away: For methadone non-responders, eGetgoing and in-person group therapy have comparable treatment adherence rates and result in equivalent reductions in drug use.

  • A randomized trial of web-based videoconferencing for substance abuse counseling.

    King VL, Brooner RK, Peirce JM, Kolodner K, Kidorf MS. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2014. 46(1): 36-42. PMCID: PMC3818495.

    Summary: Researchers conducted a second randomized controlled trial of the eGetgoing videoconferencing platform with opioid dependent outpatients. This trial recruited opioid dependent patients with no past month drug use who had access to the internet at home. All study participants (n=85) received weekly, 30-minute, individual counseling sessions either through the eGetgoing platform or in-person at the treatment center. Similar to the previous eGetgoing trial (King, 2009), twenty-six participants withdrew from the eGetgoing study condition due to loss of interest or internet function. Counseling attendance, treatment satisfaction, rates of drug positive toxicology screens, and the quality of the therapeutic alliance were assessed at baseline and monthly for 12 weeks. Results showed that participants in both groups attended similar numbers of counseling sessions. While eGetgoing participants attended an average of 5.4 sessions, in-person therapy participants attended an average of 6.1 sessions. Researchers also detected comparable rates of drug positive toxicology screens. Eleven percent of eGetgoing toxicology screens were positive, compared to 9% in the in-person therapy group. Therapeutic alliance and treatment satisfaction ratings were also equivalent.

    Take Away: Opioid dependent patients have equivalent levels of counseling attendance, drug positive toxicology screens, and treatment satisfaction when receiving individual therapy either through the eGetgoing video conference platform or in-person.