Mental health: challenges and perspectives in Colombia – Livestream


Dr. Leonardo Cubillos, Dartmouth co-investigator on the NIMH funded Latin American Mental Health project, will give a talk organized by the leadership of the government in Colombia. This meeting is intended to inform intersectoral policy in Colombia to improve the planning, financing and delivery of mental health services in the country. 

Multiple-PI Dr. Carlos Gómez Restrepo (Psychiatrist and Dean Faculty of Medicine – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) and co-investigator Dr. José Miguel Uribe Restrepo (Consultant, World Bank) will also speak at this meeting.

Full details are as follows:

Mental health: challenges and perspectives in Colombia
December 6, 2017 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Transmission via streaming at

Hotel Cosmos 100 – Bogotá

Free admission – previous registration

The National Planning Department and the Ministry of Health of Colombia, with the support of the World Bank, invite the Forum: Mental health: challenges and perspectives, with the participation of national and international experts. This space seeks to collect different perspectives for the formulation of a national mental health policy in the country.

The themes and speakers are:

  • Mental health in the global perspective of development
    Dr. Roberto Iunes. Senior Economist- World Bank
  • Mental health in Colombia: 2017
    Dr. Carlos Gómez Restrepo. Psychiatrist. Dean Faculty of Medicine – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Panorama of coexistence in Colombia
    Dr. Estela Baracaldo Méndez. Expert in Coexistence and Citizen Security
  • Mental health and social inclusion
    Fabiola Lozano. Colombian Association against depression and panic
  • The situation of the consumption of psychoactive substances
    Dra. Ana María Peñuela Poveda Coordinator Social Coexistence and Citizenship- Ministry of Health and Social Protection
  • Is it worth integrating the provision of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases services with mental health services? 
    Dr. Leonardo Cubillos MD, MPH. Senior Policy Advisor- Dartmouth College and The World Bank
  • Focus on the person
    Dr. José Miguel Uribe Restrepo, MD, MPH. Consultant, World Bank