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Category: Emerging Technologies

Social Media Offers Tools to Improve Mental Health, Reduce Suicide

Article Excerpt: The Defense Department makes the total fitness of service members a top priority, and that includes mental health and suicide prevention. Military suicide is the culmination of complex interactions among biological, social, economic, cultural and psychological factors operating at the individual, community and societal levels.

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Article Source: DoDLive

Study finds the best medication adherence medical apps

Article Excerpt: Given the sheer number of medical apps available these days, it is important to find evidence-based guidance for which apps to choose. Santo et al from the University of Sydney evaluated medication adherence apps from the Australian Google Play store and Apple iTunes store using a systematic stepwise approach based on the features described for each medical app.

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Article Source: iMedicalApps


What Happened with mHealth Security, Mobile Privacy in 2016?

Article Excerpt: Covered entities and business associates are continuously searching for the technologies that can improve physician workflow, while also ensuring PHI security. Mobile devices are increasing in popularity, and are quickly becoming beneficial tools for healthcare. However, mHealth security measures cannot be ignored, and mobile data must be considered when organizations track where PHI is stored and how it is used.

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Article Source: HealthITSecurity